Founded in 1996, the K-20 Education Network is a visionary solution to a unique convergence: the advent of the statewide broadband transport network; the diverse needs expressed by all sectors of the equational community; and the stat’s will to build a single, reliable, cost-effective solution. The result is the nation’s first high-speed, high-capacity, network linking colleges, universities, K-12 school districts and libraries statewide and providing a remarkable world of educational resources students can access anytime, anywhere.

In an age when technology is critical to success in learning and life, the K-20 Education Network delivers on Washington State’s priority to provide a world-class public education. We provide an open network that is highly reliable, centrally managed and economical, with equal access for all participants. In the process, we enable more efficient use of scarce teacher resources and sought-after programs, making them available to students in communities large and small, urban and rural. Bu dissolving the digital divide and empowering students to learn where they live, we enable them to succeed in, and contribute to, our state’s local communities and economies.

We also encourage and empower the educational community to use technology in exciting ways. We do so by showcasing how others are using the network to collaborate and create inspiring application—and by providing solutions, synergies and partnerships that break new ground in linking education and technology.