Here is a list of new features Zoom users will have to look forward to this year.

Zoom for Intune is now available for Android

Android users can now download the Zoom for Intune app from the Download center. the app allows admins to organize and protect corporate data in Zoom meetings.

Enhancements to Webinar Q&A report Interface

Meeting hosts will be able to confirm if people attempting to join the call are validated against the registration list. Users must sign into an account that has registered for the session in order to join.

Notify Users with Compromised Account Details

Users with a work email login type are notified by email if their account credentials are compromised and are prompted to reset their password. If the password isn’t changed in 1 day, users are logged out of Zoom on all devices and are required to reset their password. Account owners, admins, and any other contact set up to receive Trust & Safety communications from Zoom will also receive email notifications about any compromised users on the account.

Customize Waiting Room with Video

Users can add a video when customizing the appearance of the waiting room in the web portal. Participants in the waiting room are able to view the video while they wait for the host to allow them into the meeting. This feature requires version 5.7.3 or higher and is available for all paid accounts. Account owners and admins can submit a request for Zoom to disable the video customization option for their account.

Reset Virtual Backgrounds to Default After Each Meeting

Users can select and use any pre-approved virtual background before or during any Zoom meeting. However, after the meeting is over, the user’s background will be automatically changed to a virtual background chosen by the admin.